Welcome to our Summit Stories series, where we feature stories about your expeditions from around the world. From trekking in remote destinations, to practicing extreme sports in outdoor adventure spots, to summiting some of the highest peaks on the planet – our Altitude community has done some pretty cool things. Scroll through and click to check out some awesome places, get inspiration for your next active trip and learn about the achievements of our remarkable community of everyday athletes.


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Rowing and Hiking in BC – by Kayla

I started rowing in my first year of university and instantly fell in love with it. As an outdoor adventurer, athlete, and water lover the sport just seemed a natural fit. Over the past two years, I started taking the sport more seriously and started training several times a week with the intention of competing […]

60 Days of Kayaking/Camping in Yukon and Alaska – By Kellen

My biggest achievement to date was in the Summer of 2018 when I completed a sixty-day kayak trip with my father and two friends. Looking back, it is almost a blur. The days seemed to blend together as one. However, its funny, if you brought up one specific event on any day, I will remember it as if it was yesterday…

Road Cycling in Mallorca – By Kellen

Mallorca has now become another yearly event for my family and I. My personal favorite spot to visit, Mallorca, is an island part of Spain situated in the Mediterranean, just east of the Spanish mainland.  Mallorca is a gorgeous yet rugged island full of all sorts of terrain. My first ever cycling trip was in Mallorca and I was nowhere near prepared for the level of fitness required to get through these stages….

Alpine Touring in British Columbia – By Kellen

Lake O’Hara is situated in Yoho National Park just west of Lake Louise, AB. Lake O’Hara has been somewhat of a yearly excursion for our family. We tend to plan our week to visit in Mid-February. Temperatures may reach as low as -35 degrees Celsius at the lodge making this trip not only difficult in nature but also a real test of character. My father, Brian has been going up there since he was my age (23) and introduced me to the experience when I was as young as six years old…

Hiking in Slovenia – By Jessica

Just a little over a year ago I took a spontaneous trip with one of my closest friends, Emily. I flew from London to meet her in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. I didn’t know much about Slovenia beforehand but was eager to explore! One of our most memorable days in Ljubljana was our hike around beautiful Lake Bled and the Ojstrica and Osojnica hills…



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