Frequently Asked Questions

Training Safely

Why train at altitude?
Training at altitude can produce a myriad of responses that augment training for both endurance and power. In brief, your muscles are better at performing under high physiological stress. Local tissue adaptation can occur in as few as 4 weeks of training, improving time to exhaustion and power output. Endurance metrics can improve through increasing VO2Max, improved blood and local buffering capacity, and systemic improvement to metabolic economy. Balanced with the correct programming provided by our professional coaches, training at altitude can yield significant performance improvements.
Who is altitude training for?
Altitude training is perfectly appropriate for anyone interested in performance improvements or general strength and conditioning. Our coaches will apply their robust knowledge to every client’s training needs, making our service accessible to anyone who wishes to participate.
Is high altitude training safe?
Training at altitude is safe for those without pre-existing health concerns. Our team of coaches is ready to work with any healthcare team to overcome barriers to participation should they exist. Many of our coaches have worked in a rehabilitation setting and are happy to provide support and diverse programming solutions to accommodate participation. We aim to create a barrier-free environment – if you have specific concerns, one of our coaches will be there to help!
How long before I feel the effects of training at altitude?
From the lens of performance, your body will start responding to the training stimulus the first day you train at altitude – these effects will likely be very noticeable in your session. Significant effects of altitude training can be seen in as little as 10 days, but are more commonly present after 4 weeks. For those interested in high performance, at 12-16 weeks of exposure your body will be fairly well adjusted to the altitude, allowing you to change your volume of training in the environment.
What results can I expect to achieve? For example, can altitude training help me lose weight?
Altitude training is a unique tool that can help our strength and conditioning coaches facilitate accelerated results in certain systems. As with all training, following the program design and coaching will be the direct avenue for success. Between the tools at our facility and our exceptional coaching staff, clients will have the opportunity to achieve any goal. Let us know, and we’ll get you there.

About the Facility

What kind of exercise equipment will I be using in the altitude room?

The facility will be equipped with endurance equipment that is leading the field. From treadmills that double as sled-push tools and can achieve 25% grade, to spin bikes that have 8 gears and up to 15% grade simulation, our facility is designed to cater to high level and elite athletes as well as beginners. Kettlebells, dumbbells, and other load modalities will be available for strength and power development (we do not have barbells in the facility), with a broad enough range in load to accommodate most athletes or recreational fitness goals. For more information on our endurance equipment, please see Technogym’s product specifications.

Where are you located and when are you opening?

We are located at 56 Colborne Street in downtown Toronto, southeast of King and Yonge and just steps away from King Subway Station. We are excited to open our doors January 2020.

Will you offer a trial class or session?

We invite you to be our guest on your first day. We’ll show you the facility and how it works, what general amenities are available, and have a brief talk about your goals and how we can help you reach success as you’ve defined it. We welcome you to try a class and meet our coaches to see if the facility is a good fit for your needs!

How can I sign up?

You can reserve your spot on our Founding Member’s Program here. All you need to do is create an account and pay a $100 reservation fee. Once you have reserved your spot, you will be able to enroll in the full Founding Member’s Package when it becomes available prior to program start date in November. Learn more about our Founding Member’s Program here.

What level of oxygen will the room be set to? Do you accommodate special elevation requests?

At sea level, there is approximately 20.9% oxygen in the air. In our altitude room, we can reduce this amount to as low as 9.7%, which simulates an elevation of 20,000 ft. Throughout the week we modify our oxygen levels based on a weekly elevation schedule. Generally, the room will remain in a band of elevation that research has shown to be effective in training. This is typically between 2000-3000m above sea level, or 14%-15% oxygen content.

Given the nature of the chamber and how long it can take to adjust the oxygen content, special requests can only be accommodated if the facility is booked for an extended period of time. Accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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