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Ready to take your training to the next level? We offer specialized group training, personal training and regular open gym hours along with a host of assessments and   and additional programming for endurance athletes, active adventurers and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Read more about all of our services, classes and open gym time below.

Our Classes

Our group classes are designed to guide you through an altitude workout in a structured and motivational environment. Be prepared for short, but intense sessions that make the most of your time at altitude. You can enrol in classes in our “Schedule” page. Classes have limited spots. A waitlist will appear when a class is full. If you are signed up on a waitlist, you will be automatically enrolled up to 1 hour before class as spots open up.


Proven staples of endurance training will make up the majority of the program, with extras peppered in from our coaching experience and collaboration with cycling and running specific coaches. Classes will range from 30 – 60 minutes and will rotate through different focuses, and we’ll let you know what the training directive is for each week so you can plan accordingly. If you’re new to endurance athletics, participating consistently will cover all of your bases. Sample classe focuses include LSD, Pace/Tempo, Interval and Fartlek training. 



20 – 25 minutes in length, QuickFit classes get the job done in as little time as is effective. Short as this workout may be, members will find these classes very challenging if they are willing to bring intensity to the session. QuickFit is great for those who are just beginning HIIT, for those with busy schedules, or higher-level athletes looking for maintenance work.  


Circuit and HIIT are the main themes of these 45 minute classes, with specialty classes available to work on lifts or movements that involve high skillsets. Work on your fundamental movement patterns – Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull – and get a great workout in. These classes are ideal for power athletes and goal oriented individuals. Each class will begin with a warmup and will use dynamic and static mobility as a cooldown.  

Full Fitness

40-50 minutes in length, this class will comprehensively deal with your fitness. From lifting and core training to conditioning, this class has it all. Members who are interested in general fitness, weight loss, building muscle, and increasing performance around activities involving high intensity work will see the most benefit from this class.

Open Gym

Come during our regular open gym hours for self-guided solo sessions. Whenever a class isn’t running, it’s open gym time and the chamber is yours. So you can put your headphones in and get on with whatever is on your training schedule for that day.

Open Gym hours

If you prefer solo training, you’ll want to come in during our open gym hours – which are indicated as blocks on the schedule. You’ll have access to all equipment in the altitude chamber, as well as a heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter to monitor intensity. Want to bring your own bike? We’ve got bike trainers available as well. This is your time to focus on your training and experience altitude.
Two important things to note about open gym:
1. Open gym participants must respect when a class is in session. Members are encouraged not to come in during classes that utilize the entire chamber. These are: Altitude Strength and Conditioning and Altitude Climber Conditioning (Rockies, Alps and Himalayas). However, for Altitude Spin, Altitude Run and Altitude Brick, members may come in and use the equipment that is not allocated for the class. For instance, you may come and run on the treadmills during Altitude Spin, or use the functional training equipment during Altitude Strength and Conditioning.
2. We encourage open gym participants to note the elevation that they will be training at prior to coming in for an individual session. Our weekly altitude schedule is available in our “Schedule” page so you can plan ahead.


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