Personal Training at Altitude is your opportunity to have a professional coach guide you through your workouts in our performance-enhancing environment. Our coaches aim to take you from your baseline to your highest level of performance, whatever that looks like to you. Learn more about personal training sessions below:

Elite Private Coaching


Purchase a monthly training pack to schedule training sessions. Packages are available in 1-month, 2-month and 3-month blocks at a set number of sessions per week to establish commitment and consistency. Training is available to non-members at full price and members at a preferred rate.


Altitude coaches are unique. They love data, because it documents progress and proves results. They love learning and are inherently curious about things like how the body performs at sea-level and hypoxia (high altitude). And they love to motivate their athletes and see them succeed. The combination of those attributes builds a great coach and a great opportunity for client success. 



Apart from their initial baseline assessment package, personal training clients can choose additional assessments each month to supplement their training. Click the link below for a list of assessment options. The type and number of assessments available per month will vary for members vs. non-members and frequency of training (number of personal training sessions per week).


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