Our Facility

Located in the Toronto core, Altitude Athletic is Canada’s largest publicly accessible altitude training facility. Featuring premium equipment and elegant design, we offer the best of both worlds in training and amenities.

Canada’s Most Advanced Gym

We worked with the leaders in simulated altitude training technology to create our space. It is fully equipped for a range of endurance, mountaineering and power-based classes. Our altitude room will typically operate around 8,000 feet in order to stimulate a range of physiological adaptations while you train. Outside the chamber, you’ll find all the amenities you need – including rain showers, lockers, towel service and your favorite pre/post workout fuel.

Designed to Inspire Greatness

We’ve partnered with Toronto-based design firm Wolfe ID to create a clean, refined space that’s meant to transport you from the bustle of downtown Toronto to a peaceful and inspiring environment. We’ve combined natural materials with the latest technology and comforts to provide a focused, stimulating experience every time you come to the gym.

The Ideal Training Environment

Whether your goal is to crush a marathon, summit Kilimanjaro, or stay fit for life, we aim to create the perfect training environment for you to succeed. We believe that bringing together a group of determined, like-minded athletes to train will yield extraordinary results.

OUR Training TOOLS

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