I started rowing in my first year of university and instantly fell in love with it. As an outdoor adventurer, athlete, and water lover the sport just seemed a natural fit. Over the past two years, I started taking the sport more seriously and started training several times a week with the intention of competing and performing at competitions. I soon after qualified for the provincial team and have been training 10-16 times a week since, depending on the training phase we are in. These sessions include: rowing, cycling, running, weight training, and more. 

This past year I started winning local competitions, placed second in a two-person crew boat at a competition held in Canada with competitors from around the world, and placed seventh in Canada at the National Rowing Championships. 

I have always loved outdoor adventure and have kept hiking and road cycling as a normal part of my training plans, so it seemed a natural fit to extend my stay following the National Rowing Championships held in Burnaby, BC. One of my friends from university lives in West Vancouver, so I met up with her and we went hiking every day for the three days following the culminating competition for the year.