I want to improve my power output and recovery between max efforts.

Altitude training for Power Athletes: Expand your anaerobic capacity, repeat-sprint ability and power output at Altitude. Athletes looking to improve their performance in short duration, high intensity events will fit right in. Train maximal power lifts, calisthenics, sled pushes and sprints to blast the competition away.

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  • I want to sustain higher speeds over multiple efforts
  • Maintaining peak conditioning in-season  
  • It’s hard to find the right balance of training hard and recovering well
  • Reducing the impact of high-intensity sessions on my body without losing the fitness benefit
  • Finding ways to improve my recovery time between sprints


  • Go Harder: Greater improvements in repeat sprint ability vs. sea level training 
  • Accelerate Benefits: Reach your maximum jump height or sprint speed quicker  
  • Recover Faster: Better lactate clearance to delay the onset of fatigue
  • Train Smarter: Maximize aerobic output while minimizing physical stress


Train in the chamber: High intensity intervalsint hypoxia increase repeat sprint capacity. Challenge coordination, speed, agility and strength with functional training tools, dumbbells, treadmills with a sled push setting and more

Work with a professional: Get access to a well-structured program that addresses your specific needs both in-season and off-season

Track key metrics: Assess your fitness and identify weaknesses with a performance assessment

Resources for Power/Sprint Athletes

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