I want to improve my power output and recovery between max efforts.

Hard and fast, our workouts will expand your anaerobic capacity and power output. Athletes looking to improve their performance in short duration, high intensity events will fit right in. Lifts using light to moderate loads, calisthenics, sled pushes and sprints make up most of the program. This program also aims to create balance and stability with an emphasis on pelvic control, helping you prevent injury and optimize your ability to produce and absorb force. 

Sprint, Power and Team Sports

From contact sports to athletics, power output can dictate performance outcomes. Athletes with more power run faster, jump higher and hit harder. Gain the upper hand by expanding your capacity at Altitude. 

  • Science-based training for explosive sports including football, basketball, boxing, hockey, MMA
  • Sport-specific programming with an emphasis on general athleticism
  • Off-season improvement with private programming and coaching for anaerobic capacity and stability

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Boost your Power and Anaerobic Performance

Anaerobic athletes rejoice – your interval training just became more effective. Improve local tissue function and economy, delaying exhaustion and improving sustained power output. Gain the advantage by improving peak power. Athletes will be able to perform at their highest intensity, and then repeat that effort time after time. 

  • Research has shown short-duration, high intensity intervals to significantly increase repeat sprint capacity
  • Time to exhaustion during bouts of high intensity tasks improved by 40% in both elite and sub-elite athletes
  • Power sessions use tools such as Redcord Suspension trainers, kettlebells, medballs, dumbbells and agility ladders to challenge physical abilities including speed-agility-quickness drills, coordination drills, and load-bearing movements
  • Evaluate your fitness and movement quality through supplemental assessments such as our Anaerobic Power Test, Submaximal VO2 Test and Redcord Suspension Test 
  • Track key metrics including heart rate and power output using the Mywellness App to monitor progress during classes and individual workouts

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Recover Faster

Greater power output is complemented by improved recovery times between bouts, keeping your in-game impact high. Get back in the fight faster, take the fight to them harder. 

  • Exercising at altitude can increase the capacity to clear lactic acid from the muscles faster, allowing athletes to repeat sprints with less recovery between each sprint
  • Clear waste metabolites and improve oxygen delivery to exercising muscles (which is the suspected mechanism for improving repeated sprint ability)


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Mental Toughness

Intervals at Altitude will test your mettle.  Learn restraint and focus (in a safe environment), pushing your body until the moment before it decides to push back hard. Straddle the line between maximum effective effort and early depletion. Control your body and mind so you can control the game.

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