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Amazing Facilities; Outstanding Team. Specialized environment allows you to get better personal performance results in less time. Special Facilities +Customized plans+ Personalized service = Results!

Shahram T.
Shahram T.

I have a passion to climb mountains and always it was my dream to climb the Himalayas. Therefore, I started my training in Altitude for about 4 months and achieved excellent results in such a short time, much better than I expected. This is a small gym that feels more personal. Such a fantastic gym, I love this place.
It was the best choice I’ve made training at Altitude. I always felt amazing when I was at the gym.
The workouts are fun, the fellow members are inspiring, and the workouts are led by personal trainers who give hands-on instant feedback and adjustments during the workouts and just the right amount of encouragement.
All the staff had been awesome to me. All the trainers are exceptional, especially my trainer, Josh who really cared and went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. The overall vibe is great, the atmosphere is awesome and I have had nothing but good experiences. Unfortunately, I had been in a traumatic experience after my motorcycle accident. I was not able to continue my training. But the support, caring, and love that I received after my accident from gym staff, have been breathtaking and beyond my expectations. The gifts and messages from staff showed how much they care. This was incredibly encouraging to me during my traumatic experience and I am so much grateful for their support. It was a life-changing gym experience and I am planning to continue my training after my recovery. I recommend it highly to all my friends.

Jim K.
Jim K.

Great setup and really wonderful team. Best place to train for hikes and altitude or just to push your fitness to next level.

Jay Grosse
Jay Grosse

Legit the best gym there is and worth every penny. I started training here July 2022 and could not run even half a mile. Two months later in October, I ran my 1st 5k in 37 minutes. On May 7th 2023, just 8 short months later, I completed my first half marathon in just over 3 hours. Whether you’re working on speed or endurance(or maybe both) Altitude is the place to train.
Also, the coaches are super nice and know exactly how to help you accomplish all of your goals. <3

Anthony S.
Anthony S.

The combination of personalized programming and state-of-the-art technology at Altitude helped me lose my ‘Quarantine 15’ in just a few months. Their elite team of wellness practitioners is unparalleled – they motivated me to exercise harder + longer than ever before. If you’re looking to kick start 2022 or want a brand new challenge – Altitude is the place to be!


I have for years tried to find a gym that didn’t treat me like a $, somewhere that would educate me and help me understand my body in relation to my goals. But let’s face it; this is everyone’s hope. Every gym has a “schtick,” and in the end, you probably stopped going because once you got past the aesthetics and the basic programming, you realized you were not getting anywhere. Me too, and that’s why you should try Altitude.

Don’t go because of the hypoxic training.
Don’t go because it looks great.
Don’t go because they use objective, quantitative analysis.
Don’t go because the personal trainers are fantastic (shout out to Josh)
Don’t go because they bend over backwards to make you feel welcome.
Don’t go because the founder, Melanie, has a mutant bunny that secretly runs the whole thing.

Go because you’ll actually Go.
Regardless of your fitness level, start here, and feel good about yourself amongst one of the best gym communities I’ve ever interacted with.

Thank you, Team Altitude, for helping me feel great; the impact on my life has been profound, mentally and physically.

Now, I did what the rabbit said; please tell it to release my family 😉

Tim Y.

Excellent facility and well run by good people who care. I’ve been going to the gym off and on for my entire life without seeing much results. I did see progress when I was doing personal training but it was expensive and I stopped going after the pandemic hit. Everything went downhill from there and I went to my old over weight self again.

Then I found Altitude. The personal coaching, analytics and plans created by their team has put me in the best shape in my entire life. They have easy to follow programs that I can actually manage and find the motivation to do. Most of my workouts could be done in 1 to 1.5 hours and doing this at a high altitude environment just enhances my workouts. I’m all about efficiency so this is perfect for me. Less time for more results.

On the initial consultation they analyzed my body to figure out the most optimized way to achieve my fitness goals. Then they set up a personalized program just for me that I easily follow on an app on my phone. The coaches then monitor and check in to ensure that I’m doing the exercises properly.

The result, I’ve lost over 15 lbs in just the past 4 months and it was pure fat. I know as they have the equipment to take my metrics and so I know for sure as my muscle mass has gone up! Plus I can see my six pack something that I’ve never seen before. For a lazy gym guy like me who has never consistently done this for the past decades of my life it’s nice to finally achieve my fitness goals. Thank you Altitude for helping me get there!


My husband (Terry) and I (65 and 59 respectively) just returned from our bucket list Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure and cannot thank the amazing team at Altitude Athletic Training in Toronto enough! Not only did we make it to the top but we did so in peak health and with no significant challenges. The teams’ support, knowledge and incredible positive energy made the training experience not only highly effective, but FUN! We are so fortunate to have had them all on our team and want to recommend Altitude Athletic Training to everyone out there who wants to attain a goal at altitude or if you simply want to push yourself farther for an exceptional work out. Climb higher!!!

Firat B.

…I have been working out for many years in different countries such as Russia, Canada and Turkey, but this gym is not like any of the those that I have been before. The quality of the staff and and weight machines are amazing…

Mia K.

Good location, well managed, Clean and organized. My husband convinced me to try it out. Turns out it was perfect for me. All staff are nice and kind and my trainer is top notch. I’ve been enjoying my workouts since I joined as a member here. The high altitude chamber makes my work outs even more effective. Highly recommend!!


Wonderful new Toronto Gym that uniquely offers the ability to train in a higher altitude environment. When I visited the gym was adjusted to 8500ft elevation & it was amazing to feel the difference the altitude makes. The staff were super welcoming & facilities were clean & pretty.

Sarah S.

I really enjoyed this class, if offered a lot of variance and options to acclimate to the room and push yourself if you felt ready. The running portion was a full 30 minutes too which was awesome (some classes take into that time with warmup/cooldown). So glad I got a class pack!


Summit member for 3 months. Can’t speak more highly of Altitude as a “semi-extreme” athlete. Amazing facility and staff, the benefits of altitude training were remarkable for me. I’ve raced ultras for years, joined Altitude with an aggressive race schedule (3 ultras and a marathon major within 11 weeks) and exceeded all expectations with a couple PBs. With lower overall intensity I’m faster than I have been before.

I’ve never enjoyed going to gyms before, but Melanie and her team have made a unique and valuable space to train for extreme activities. Highly recommend


I’ve tried lots of different gyms and fitness classes over the years, including the likes of Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul Cycle, and none of them make me feel quite as much like an athlete as Altitude does. The team there actually care about your performance and listen to your goals, instead of trying to push the next fitness fad onto you. Not only that, their concept is focused on high altitude training through their spacious and well-equipped altitude chamber, which is a very effective way to improve your fitness. I love their classes, which really push you and manage to be fun and energizing at the same time. I would recommend Altitude to anyone regardless of fitness-level, who are looking to improve their overall health and join an encouraging community – even better if you’re training for an event or signing up for a climb.

Deena N.

Altitude Athletic is making me stronger. My HRV is higher than it ever has been. My resting heart rate is down to 58. Both visceral and subcutaneous fat is down. Muscle rate is up. I’m feeling stronger. My Fibro is behaving. Looking forward to seeing how much further I can go. Thank you Altitude Athletic, I’m forever indebted to you and coach Josh Downer.


I received amazing support from the team at altitude and the facility was topnotch!

Ian K.

I love this place as it’s got top of the range equipment and of course you are getting the gains of altitude as you work out. Everything is spotless clean too. The people are also incredibly nice and helpful. Likely my best gym experience in Toronto to date.


On holidays in Toronto, went in for a session after seeing this place in a YouTube video by Will Tennyson. As a programmer I regularly work out to prevent my body from atrophying from sitting at a desk 24/7 but I’m not a “gym bro” or athlete by any means.

Staff was super helpful and friendly and the facility itself is amazing. Great equipment, very clean from the dressing room to the cardio machines. Even the dumbbells were shiny and spotless. For some reason the workout room also smelled very nice.

They have heartrate monitors and oxygen saturation meters which you can borrow to keep an eye on your stats. It was very interesting to feel the difference, especially when doing cardio!

Great place, highly recommended even if you’re not specifically training for high altitude purposes.

Jodi S.

I joined Altitude Athletic in October of 2021 in preparation to achieve my life-long goal to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. My trip was scheduled for February – so I had to find a program that would really work for me in the time I had. I chose Altitude solely based on the name and premise of what they deliver – training in an altitude chamber to prep you for physical activity in similar conditions.

What I didn’t realize until after I joined, met the team and began my workouts is that this place is so much more. Like many other people, I’ve had bad experiences with gyms and personal training, and that brought more anxiety than just trying to achieve my goal of climbing. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt comfortable, I felt heard and I knew I was in the right place.

My training program was so well developed, taking into consideration my current physical fitness level (mid-level at best), my goal, the time I had to give and my abilities. Josh (my coach) was amazing – he listened to me, he encouraged me, he challenged me – and I never felt like I couldn’t achieve what he was asking (because he believed I could). The Altitude Team became part of my cheering section -encouraging me, supporting me and believing in me – sometimes more than I believed in myself. They became my family, and part of the journey to get me where I wanted to go. Josh was able to adapt my program so I could do workouts at home or the gym.

In February I headed off to Tanzania, and successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. What a journey that was – and I was never in better shape my entire life. Every step I took towards the top, I thanked Josh and team for the sweat, for the squats, for the encouragement, and mostly for the confidence. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about my journey, and am forever indebted to them for helping me achieve my dreams.

Take it from me – you won’t regret your time there – the facility, the team, the culture – it’s like no other gym I’ve ever seen. You will love it.

Judy L.

I was planning on trekking at altitude from Cusco to Machu Picchu Peru and I needed to train seriously. Through a stroke of serendipity it turned out that the solution was Altitude Athletic Training. A gym that allows you to train at Altitude in Toronto. The coaches – Josh and TJ – set me up with a program that worked perfectly. The front desk staff – Suraj and Nada are friendly, super helpful and welcoming. The management – Melanie is just the best. I went 5 days a week for 6 weeks, and it worked!! I had no problems with altitude, managed to trek over 20kms a day, and arrived home safe and blister-free. The facility is well-equipped, clean, and inspiring. It would benefit anyone wanting to improve their fitness, not just those planning on going trekking. I would recommend you go and check them out. 5 stars is really not adequate, this is the BEST gym in all of Toronto.


Altitude Athletic Training has been a life changing moment for me in my journey to get healthier. Like many people, since Covid, I have struggled to find an exercise routine that keeps me engaged and regular. With trainers willing to design programs specifically for my body type and fitness goals, and staff that are always willing to help, I have found an inclusive and encouraging community with Altitude.

Anthony Q.
Anthony Q.

Amazing facility that was stocked with high quality equipment for use to train with. The gym looks almost futuristic with their set up and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to take their training to the next level with Altitude’s reduced oxygen room.

Shout out to Josh!

Veda K.

Love the space. So clean and easy to move around. Their classes are so fun and engaging. First time I enjoy treadmill running. Their instructors are also very nice and knowledgeable. Only altitude training gym cananda I believe. Would deff recommend giving this place a try!


I signed up for a multi-day hike in the Yukon in July and started hiking but quickly realized I had no clue how to train for this sort of elevation in the GTA.  I met with Altitude and felt confident they could not only help me get to the summit of King’s Throne on day 1 but also get down the mountain feeling good and ready for the rest of the week.  Five days a week I go to Altitude to execute my detailed structured plan using state-of-the-art equipment with staff that is supportive, informed, and attend to my every need.  I had an ah-ha moment recently while climbing a particularly steep long incline at Blue Mountain two months after starting my plan – I had reached the top and my heart wasn’t pounding and I wasn’t sucking air which would have been the case before.  It was a total confidence booster.  Some added perks are feeling stronger, and leaner, but most of all the people I’ve met – it’s an inspiring community of like-minded people.  When I walk through the front door it’s like walking into Cheers! where everyone knows your name and greets you with a smile.  Highly recommend you check it out if you want to achieve your goals with confidence.


This is a truly unique and amazing place! I’ve trained at Altitude Athletic multiple times and the gym is beautifully designed, high-tech, and the fact you have an entire large room where the atmosphere can change to reflect different elevations is something I’ve never seen before. The staff were very friendly and helpful and they have some great coaches too!

Denis M.
Denis M.

Altitude Training is a top-notch training facility! It was a pure joy to work with this incredible team. Josh Downer is truly exceptional! He has a passion for what he does! We were impressed with his level of knowledge, patience, kindness, attention to details and personalized touch! The amount of time and effort he put working with us was unbelievable! He pushed us beyond what we believed were our limits. The program was tailored to your goals. He helped us, zero level beginners, to get ready for climbing Cayambe volcano (5,790 meters) in Ecuador. We got to the summit at the first attempt with no any altitude sickness symptoms. Thumbs up to this training center and its super friendly and professional staff! Highly recommended! Would totally train with them again for the next summit!

Rahul Sharda
Rahul S.

Gym is very unique as it allows you to train in a high-tech altitude chamber. When I visited, it was set to 8500ft elevation and you can definitely feel the difference. Equipment and machines are top notch. Staff was friendly, knowledgeable, very welcoming. Gym is very clean and has nice aesthetics! Will definitely continue to come back for drop-in sessions!


Great gym. Excellent equipment. Excellent staff. Nice changing room and shower. Completed Manaslu circuit in snow storm late March. No issues. No altitude sickness at all. Highly recommended for all looking to better health and fitness.

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