Equipment Rentals

Altitude Equipment Rentals: We offer athletes and climbers the opportunity to rent our state-of-the-art altitude mask and tent equipment for sleeping, breathing and stationary exercise training. We will also include a custom exposure protocol based on your specific trek, race or performance goal.

Rental oPTIONS

Our altitude equipment rental packages come standard with an E-100 Altitude Generator and all required accessories including tubing, an air reservoir bag and a pulse oximeter.  Depending on your training goals, we rent out a basic altitude package and options to add a sleep canopy or large tent to your rental.

Basic Altitude Package

Our standard package offers altitude mask training with a generator and altitude mask set-up. This package allows you to perform stationary exercise training and breathing intervals at higher altitudes (Intermittent Hypoxic Breathing).

What’s Included:

  • E-100 Altitude Generator
  • Mask
  • Exposure Protocols and Support



E-100 Altitude Generator

The E-100 Altitude Generator is the machine we use for simulating altitude. Also known as a hypoxicator, this machine can simulate altitudes of up to 21,000 ft by removing oxygen from the air you breathe. Accessories such as masks, the sleep canopy or large tent connect directly to the generator via tubing.

 Basic Altitude Package + Sleep Canopy

Sleeping at altitude allows for prolonged exposure to hypoxia, prompting various favourable adaptations in the body. This package is ideal for those looking to acclimatize for a high altitude mountaineering expeditions.

What’s Included:

  • Basic Altitude Package
  • Sleep Tent Canopy
  • Sleeping Protocols for Sports and Mountaineering


Basic altitude package + Large Tent Rental

Our 8×8 Altitude Tent operates like a mini chamber for mask-free exercise training in your home or training facility. The tent can accommodate exercise equipment such as a stationary bike, treadmill or heavy bag. This is a great option for sports teams, MMA athletes or anyone wanting a mask-free training experience at home.

What’s Included:

  • Basic Altitude Package
  • Large Tent Canopy
  • Oxygen Monitor
  • Option to include an additional E-100 Altitude Generator to reduce time needed to reach elevation
  • Option to add an AC unit for an extra $50+HST




Altitude Rental Option
Monthly Price 
Basic Altitude Package
Basic Altitude Package + Sleep Canopy
Basic Altitude Package + Large Tent Package
Basic Altitude Package + Large Tent Package + Additional E-100 Altitude Generator