You've Tried Everything, But Have You Tried Altitude?



Simulated altitude training is working out in a reduced-oxygen environment that simulates the thinner air found in the mountains. Training in an environment like this challenges your body to work harder with less available oxygen. Your body rises up to this challenge by becoming more efficient at using the oxygen available to it, triggering a range of health and fitness benefits you can’t get at a regular sea-level gym.



Learn what’s in it for you and your unique goals and challenges:

"I want to lose weight but keep hitting a plateau, nothing seems to work."

We Understand Your Struggle

You’ve been jumping around from Hot Yoga to Cross-Fit to HIIT. Trying different gyms, trying different diets…but still not seeing significant results and actually just putting more undue stress on your body. With your busy schedule, it’s time you found something that worked. You’ve tried everything, but have you tried changing the oxygen in the air?

Now You Can See Real Results

Training at simulated altitude is the quickest way to lose body fat, increase lean muscle mass and improve fitness. And the best part? You can see these benefits faster and at a lower intensity (i.e effort) than if you were to do the same workout at sea-level.

"My chronic condition has always gotten in the way of working out. I'm determined to find a solution that works with my body."

It's Not Easy

Exercise is known to improve symptoms of chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but having these conditions can make exercise challenging and get in the way of seeing results. What if we told you that you could train at a lower intensity in a simulated altitude environment and reduce your symptoms. 

Break Your Barriers

Simulated altitude training is scientifically shown to improve symptoms of cardiovascular disease, increase glucose tolerance and help improve the health outcomes of those living with chronic conditions. These benefits can be achieved with lower workloads and to a greater degree than the same training at sea-level.

"I'm so busy with work. I've tried to workout consistently before, but can never find the time to see results."

No Time

With demanding jobs and overflowing inboxes, it can be tough to train consistently and see meaningful results. What if we told you that 30-minutes on your lunch hour in a simulated altitude gym can get you double the results of an hour at a regular, sea-level gym. It’s time to supercharge your workout.

Efficiency is Key

If you’re trying to find the most efficient way to stay fit and optimize your time in the gym, simulated altitude training is the ideal solution. Training in a reduced-oxygen environment demands more from your body. So you can see better results in about half the time of your regular sea level workout

"I'm trying to qualify for Boston. I just can't seem to shave those minutes off my time."

So Close

You’re so close to qualifying for Boston, but you’re at that point in your running career where you just can’t seem to get faster. You’ve tried different running shoes, gels and even added a few extra miles to your Saturday long run. But have you tried bringing your runs into the altitude chamber? 


No longer just a tool for elite athletes – athletes of all abilities can use simulated altitude training to take their performance to the next-level. Training at altitude stimulates physiological adaptations that increase your endurance, speed and improve recovery. As an endurance athlete, this means you can work at the same or higher intensity for longer without accumulating fatigue.

About the Facility

We are a luxurious boutique athletic club that provides members with access to altitudes equivalent to the most desirable training locations and mountain ranges in the world. Our state-of-the-art facility brings elite-level technology into a generous 1,200 sq ft. space. Altitude is the largest simulated altitude training facility in the world.

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