Amber Q.

I found this top-notch and one-of-a-kind gym during preparation for some difficult high-altitude hiking trails and this is the only place in Toronto/Ontario that mimics the oxygen level at higher altitude. The 3 different altitude schedule throughout the day covers all your need. And if requested, other specialty equipment would be provided to help achieve my goal. I’ve joined the club for almost a year now, and till this day, I am still constantly amazed by the knowledgeable and extremely friendly staff, always tidy and clean environment. You know you would be taken great care of her, regardless of your goal being improving body responses to exercise / increasing endurance / enhancing performance in competitions / increasing aerobic capacity / better lactic acid capacity, or simply finding peers who share your passion.

Scott N.

I trained here for a month ahead of a 6,500m trek to get get a head start on the acclimatization process and work on overall fitness. Couldn’t have been happier with the results. The trek went great and I didn’t have any issues with altitude sickness, not even a slight headache.

The staff here are all great – they take care of you and check in regularly to ensure you’re feeling good and progressing well towards your training goal.

Can’t wait to come back ahead of my next trek in 2024!

Shahram T.

I have a passion to climb mountains and always it was my dream to climb the Himalayas. Therefore, I started my training in Altitude for about 4 months and achieved excellent results in such a short time, much better than I expected. This is a small gym that feels more personal. Such a fantastic gym, I love this place.
It was the best choice I’ve made training at Altitude. I always felt amazing when I was at the gym.
The workouts are fun, the fellow members are inspiring, and the workouts are led by personal trainers who give hands-on instant feedback and adjustments during the workouts and just the right amount of encouragement.
All the staff had been awesome to me. All the trainers are exceptional, especially my trainer, Josh who really cared and went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. The overall vibe is great, the atmosphere is awesome and I have had nothing but good experiences. Unfortunately, I had been in a traumatic experience after my motorcycle accident. I was not able to continue my training. But the support, caring, and love that I received after my accident from gym staff, have been breathtaking and beyond my expectations. The gifts and messages from staff showed how much they care. This was incredibly encouraging to me during my traumatic experience and I am so much grateful for their support. It was a life-changing gym experience and I am planning to continue my training after my recovery. I recommend it highly to all my friends.


Great gym. Excellent equipment. Excellent staff. Nice changing room and shower. Completed Manaslu circuit in snow storm late March. No issues. No altitude sickness at all. Highly recommended for all looking to better health and fitness.

Denis M.

Altitude Training is a top-notch training facility! It was a pure joy to work with this incredible team. Josh Downer is truly exceptional! He has a passion for what he does! We were impressed with his level of knowledge, patience, kindness, attention to details and personalized touch! The amount of time and effort he put working with us was unbelievable! He pushed us beyond what we believed were our limits. The program was tailored to your goals. He helped us, zero level beginners, to get ready for climbing Cayambe volcano (5,790 meters) in Ecuador. We got to the summit at the first attempt with no any altitude sickness symptoms. Thumbs up to this training center and its super friendly and professional staff! Highly recommended! Would totally train with them again for the next summit!