Sebastian B

Altitude Athletic Training is an excellent facility to get your workout at. It is a modern, tech-forward, beautifully designed space with top-notch equipment, and all the while you get that extra edge of a simulated altitude environment. What makes this space even more special is the people that fill it. The team is a lovely bunch. Always so positive and always there for support.

Before joining Altitude, I could never get enough self motivation to consistently go to a gym and feel confident in my exercises. At Altitude however, I have an enormous appreciation for my coaches for getting me started and, planning and tracking a much kinder, yet challenging, approach to working out. Their support and positive feedback helped my motivation, strength, and energy levels to having a daily active fitness lifestyle despite how busy my day gets. With both the excellent facility and the amazing team at Altitude Athletic Training, it is hard to imagine finding a better gym anywhere else.