Rahul Sharda

Gym is very unique as it allows you to train in a high-tech altitude chamber. When I visited, it was set to 8500ft elevation and you can definitely feel the difference. Equipment and machines are top notch. Staff was friendly, knowledgeable, very welcoming. Gym is very clean and has nice aesthetics! Will definitely continue to come back for drop-in sessions!


Wonderful new Toronto Gym that uniquely offers the ability to train in a higher altitude environment. When I visited the gym was adjusted to 8500ft elevation & it was amazing to feel the difference the altitude makes. The staff were super welcoming & facilities were clean & pretty.


On holidays in Toronto, went in for a session after seeing this place in a YouTube video by Will Tennyson. As a programmer I regularly work out to prevent my body from atrophying from sitting at a desk 24/7 but I’m not a “gym bro” or athlete by any means.

Staff was super helpful and friendly and the facility itself is amazing. Great equipment, very clean from the dressing room to the cardio machines. Even the dumbbells were shiny and spotless. For some reason the workout room also smelled very nice.

They have heartrate monitors and oxygen saturation meters which you can borrow to keep an eye on your stats. It was very interesting to feel the difference, especially when doing cardio!

Great place, highly recommended even if you’re not specifically training for high altitude purposes.

Veda K.

Love the space. So clean and easy to move around. Their classes are so fun and engaging. First time I enjoy treadmill running. Their instructors are also very nice and knowledgeable. Only altitude training gym cananda I believe. Would deff recommend giving this place a try!

Mia K.

Good location, well managed, Clean and organized. My husband convinced me to try it out. Turns out it was perfect for me. All staff are nice and kind and my trainer is top notch. I’ve been enjoying my workouts since I joined as a member here. The high altitude chamber makes my work outs even more effective. Highly recommend!!