Jay Grosse

Legit the best gym there is and worth every penny. I started training here July 2022 and could not run even half a mile. Two months later in October, I ran my 1st 5k in 37 minutes. On May 7th 2023, just 8 short months later, I completed my first half marathon in just over 3 hours. Whether you’re working on speed or endurance(or maybe both) Altitude is the place to train.
Also, the coaches are super nice and know exactly how to help you accomplish all of your goals. <3


This is a truly unique and amazing place! I’ve trained at Altitude Athletic multiple times and the gym is beautifully designed, high-tech, and the fact you have an entire large room where the atmosphere can change to reflect different elevations is something I’ve never seen before. The staff were very friendly and helpful and they have some great coaches too!


Summit member for 3 months. Can’t speak more highly of Altitude as a “semi-extreme” athlete. Amazing facility and staff, the benefits of altitude training were remarkable for me. I’ve raced ultras for years, joined Altitude with an aggressive race schedule (3 ultras and a marathon major within 11 weeks) and exceeded all expectations with a couple PBs. With lower overall intensity I’m faster than I have been before.

I’ve never enjoyed going to gyms before, but Melanie and her team have made a unique and valuable space to train for extreme activities. Highly recommend

Sarah S.

I really enjoyed this class, if offered a lot of variance and options to acclimate to the room and push yourself if you felt ready. The running portion was a full 30 minutes too which was awesome (some classes take into that time with warmup/cooldown). So glad I got a class pack!

Veda K.

Love the space. So clean and easy to move around. Their classes are so fun and engaging. First time I enjoy treadmill running. Their instructors are also very nice and knowledgeable. Only altitude training gym cananda I believe. Would deff recommend giving this place a try!