Train above and beyond with the memberships at Altitude Athletic Training. Our memberships allow you to get the most out of the facility, technology and coaches.

Personal Training

Start seeing real results faster with the combined benefits of one-on-one coaching and altitude training.

Fitness Assessments

Our A La Carte Assessments will help you understand your baseline performance and show you how you can reach your highest potential.

Drop-in Sessions

With each booking, you’ll have access to our fully-equipped altitude room to do your own workout in this performance-enhancing environment. Purchase and schedule gym drop-in sessions and packages below.

Generator Sessions

Please note that Generator Sessions must be purchased in addition to Drop-in Sessions and Packages. Individuals who have not purchased drop-in sessions alongside generator sessions will not be able to access the gym. Generator sessions are included in our Summit and Summit+ memberships..

Fitness Classes

Take your group fitness to a whole other level, literally. Fitness classes at Altitude combine the efficiency of elevation training with smart coaching and a motivational group environment.   

Equipment Rentals

We offer athletes and climbers the opportunity to rent our state-of-the-art altitude mask and tent equipment for sleeping, breathing and stationary exercise training.

Altitude Tent

For individuals looking to go higher, we can set up an 8×8 training tent inside the chamber that simulates up to 22,000 ft (6705 m).