I have for years tried to find a gym that didn't treat me like a $, somewhere that would educate me and help me understand my body in relation to my goals. But let's face it; this is everyone's hope. Every gym has a "schtick," and in the end, you probably stopped going because once you got past the aesthetics and the basic programming, you realized you were not getting anywhere. Me too, and that's why you should try Altitude. Don't go because of the hypoxic training. Don't go because it looks great. Don't go because they use objective, quantitative analysis. Don't go because the personal trainers are fantastic (shout out to Josh) Don't go because they bend over backwards to make you feel welcome. Don't go because the founder, Melanie, has a mutant bunny that secretly runs the whole thing. Go because you'll actually Go. Regardless of your fitness level, start here, and feel good about yourself amongst one of the best gym communities I've ever interacted with. Thank you, Team Altitude, for helping me feel great; the impact on my life has been profound, mentally and physically. Now, I did what the rabbit said; please tell it to release my family ;)