Denis M.

Altitude Training is a top-notch training facility! It was a pure joy to work with this incredible team. Josh Downer is truly exceptional! He has a passion for what he does! We were impressed with his level of knowledge, patience, kindness, attention to details and personalized touch! The amount of time and effort he put working with us was unbelievable! He pushed us beyond what we believed were our limits. The program was tailored to your goals. He helped us, zero level beginners, to get ready for climbing Cayambe volcano (5,790 meters) in Ecuador. We got to the summit at the first attempt with no any altitude sickness symptoms. Thumbs up to this training center and its super friendly and professional staff! Highly recommended! Would totally train with them again for the next summit!


This is a truly unique and amazing place! I’ve trained at Altitude Athletic multiple times and the gym is beautifully designed, high-tech, and the fact you have an entire large room where the atmosphere can change to reflect different elevations is something I’ve never seen before. The staff were very friendly and helpful and they have some great coaches too!


I’ve tried lots of different gyms and fitness classes over the years, including the likes of Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul Cycle, and none of them make me feel quite as much like an athlete as Altitude does. The team there actually care about your performance and listen to your goals, instead of trying to push the next fitness fad onto you. Not only that, their concept is focused on high altitude training through their spacious and well-equipped altitude chamber, which is a very effective way to improve your fitness. I love their classes, which really push you and manage to be fun and energizing at the same time. I would recommend Altitude to anyone regardless of fitness-level, who are looking to improve their overall health and join an encouraging community – even better if you’re training for an event or signing up for a climb.


Summit member for 3 months. Can’t speak more highly of Altitude as a “semi-extreme” athlete. Amazing facility and staff, the benefits of altitude training were remarkable for me. I’ve raced ultras for years, joined Altitude with an aggressive race schedule (3 ultras and a marathon major within 11 weeks) and exceeded all expectations with a couple PBs. With lower overall intensity I’m faster than I have been before.

I’ve never enjoyed going to gyms before, but Melanie and her team have made a unique and valuable space to train for extreme activities. Highly recommend

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