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We do way more than just dim the lights and blast Top40. We change the air you breathe to get you results faster. Take your group fitness to a whole other level, literally. Fitness classes at Altitude combine the efficiency of elevation training with smart coaching and a motivational group environment.   


Optimize your training time with this interval-style running class on the treadmills. We cycle through three variations of Interval Run. You’ll do one of these variations in your class:

Through the Valley

In this class, your aerobic and anaerobic capacity will be challenged through a combination of high-intensity sprints and steady-state run intervals. The class works on your conditioning to avoid hitting a wall during your race, and still have enough in the tank to sprint across the finish line.

The Climb

Find the incline button on the treadmill and get ready to train endurance with hill climbs at elevation. Working on improving your negative split for that big upcoming race? “The Climb” will work on your aerobic capacity so you can achieve your best chip time possible.

HITTs and Sprints

Take your runs to the next level. With repeated sprints followed by recovery, this class will challenge your anaerobic threshold to help delay fatigue on those tough long runs. Our HIIT & Sprints class is perfect for anyone looking to improve overall body composition, or athletes that use quick, relatively short bursts of energy.


Not a spin class – this proper bike workout will take your ride to the next level at elevation. We cycle through three variations of Interval Bike. You’ll do one of these variations in your class:

The Climb

“The Climb” will challenge your aerobic system with longer duration efforts and hill climbs at a lower RPM (revolutions per minute). Training in your aerobic zone will prepare you to sustain prolonged periods of exertion so you can conquer that lengthy bike ride, keep up with your paceline, or power up that seemingly endless hill.

Through the Valley

This class combines the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic training by mixing explosive sprints with leg-burning endurance hill climbs. This low impact class is perfect for those just starting their fitness journey, those looking for a new challenge or cyclists looking to spice up their routine while getting their weekly mileage in!

HITTs and Sprints

“HIITs and Sprints” is an anaerobic-based class that involves intervals of high intensity (HIIT), followed by recovery periods. This class is perfect for the cyclist that wants to practice their breakaways, or any athlete that specializes in explosive bursts of energy.


Train for the mountain with this climber-focused class. Your coach will lead you through fast-paced circuits designed to develop leg and core strength and build cardio capacity with high intensity intervals. The focus is to improve fitness and performance in muscles and movement patterns specific to mountaineering.


Train full-body strength in this dynamic class that will get your heart rate up. Your coach will lead you through sets structured to optimize the hypoxic effect on hypertrophy (toning and improving muscle definition). Suitable for athletes of all abilities.

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