We will be offering specially tailored programs for endurance athletes, those planning a mountaineering trip, athletes looking to focus on strength and power, and those looking to improve overall health and wellness. Each session will be specially designed to leverage our altitude room in order to maximize your experience and improvement.

Equipment and workouts can be booked one week prior to the session start time using the Mywellness App. Sessions start every 30 minutes and run throughout the day.

For Endurance sessions, clients will be booking either a treadmill or bike. Treadmills can be reserved under the "Endurance - Treadmill" option and bikes under the "Endurance - Bike" option. Since the program-length for Endurance programs is typically 60 minutes long, members are advised to book two back-to-back 30 minute blocks on the same piece of equipment. For Power sessions, clients will simply be selecting a starting spot in the circuit. All Power circuits are designed to be 30 minutes in length. 

Individuals not looking to follow a personalized program may simply book equipment in 30 minute blocks as-needed.

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