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We build persona-based programs at Altitude. These sessions are available to all levels – from beginner to elite and can be endurance-based, power-based or both, depending on your focus. Your program can be done anywhere you like – at Altitude, at home or a combination of both. You tell us your interests, requirements and what you’re training for…and we’ll design it for you. 

Building Your Program

When you join Altitude as an Altitude Online or Basecamp member, we provide a personalized assessment with a coach ensuring you have the right program in place to reach your goals. During this assessment, coaches run through a series of tests to design a 12-week goal-orientated program specific to current fitness level and athletic pursuit (which we call ‘Paradigms’).

 Each unique program is stored in our workout app: the Mywellness app. Members can access their program wherever they want, with options to train at Altitude, virtually, or a combination of both. All data is tracked during workouts using a heart rate monitor and stored in the app so that we can review progress over time. 



Members can come in anytime during hours of operation to access their program and follow their individual workouts using Mywellness. All sessions will take place at about 15.3% oxygen level, which simulates an elevation of 2500 m/8000 ft. 

 EXAMPLE: What would an endurance-based program session look like at Altitude?

 Endurance sessions are done on treadmills or bikes and include interval and volume-based work tailored to a specific level and paradigm. Our bikes and treadmills will adjust settings (incline, resistance, speed) automatically for you based on what is scheduled on your program for that day. For example, if you identify with the “Mountaineer” paradigm at a beginner level, you may be walking on an incline with a weighted pack following intervals of work based on your appropriate heart rate zones. 




Looking to join us virtually? Programs can be customized for home and followed online. 

EXAMPLE: What would a power-based program session look like at home?

Power sessions get the job done in as little time as possible. Your coach will design a circuit-based program that incorporates bodyweight exercises and the equipment you have at home. Short on equipment or space? No worries! There’s no training situation we can’t work with. Plus, you can always come into Altitude where you’ll have access to dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes and more.


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