• 60-minute Athletic Performance Assessment +
  • 60-minute Personal Training Session
  • $150+HST
  • w/ the option to transition onto our Summit membership for 1 month +$100+HST


Meet your coach for an elite performance assessment to gain valuable data and understand your baseline fitness level. Follow up with a personal training session in our performance-enhancing altitude chamber that’s designed to kickstart your new routine and address findings from the assessment. You have the option to continue training on our Summit membership with a full personalized program, weekly coach consults and unlimited facility access for one month at only $100+HST.

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60-minute Athletic Performance Assessment

Your coach will run you through a series of exercise tests designed to gauge your current capacity and fitness level. Knowing these metrics will help you and your coach establish starting points against which achievable goals can be set. The complimentary 60-minute assessment includes:

1. Health Assessment

  • Health and Fitness Consult
  • Blood Pressure
  • Altitude Sensitivity Test
  • InBody Body Composition Analysis

2. Mobility and Movement Quality Assessment

3. Clinical-grade VO2 Max Test using the PNOE Metabolic Analyzer *

4. And more!

*Test can be done on the bike or treadmill


60-minute Personal Training Session

Your coach’s analysis of your data from the assessment will tell you where you stand and what you need to focus on. Now it’s time to do the work in the 60-minute personal training session:


  • Be led through a workout designed to push you and give you an example of an optimal training session for your body and goals
  • Receive form adjustments and specific correctional exercises
  • See what it’s like to train in a performance-enhancing environment that can lead to benefits such as increased power, speed, endurance and stamina, as well as reduced recovery time. 
cycling indoor gym downtown toronto


Personalized Programming, Unlimited Facility Access and more for just $100+HST

Looking to get on an ongoing comprehensive personalized training experience beyond the assessment and PT session? Take your training to the next-level with the option to transition onto our Summit membership for just $100+HST for your first month.


  • Fitness Testing and Re-assessments
  • Unlimited Altitude Facility Access
  • Altitude Kit (Polar H10 Monitor, Altitude merch, etc.)
  • Goal-oriented Personalized Fitness Program
  • Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Coach Consults

Offer Available For A Limited Time Only

60 Minute Athletic Performance Assessment + 60 Minute Personal Training Session + Option to continue training on a personalized program with unlimited facility access for just $100+HST

About the Facility

We are a luxurious boutique athletic club that provides members with access to altitudes equivalent to the most desirable training locations and mountain ranges in the world. Our state-of-the-art facility brings elite-level technology into a generous 1,200 sq ft. space. 

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