Our Memberships (to be offered upon opening) 


Tier 1 

Tier 2* 

Basecamp   Ascent  Summit 
Price per month  $249  $1,049  $999 
Commitment  3 months  6 months  1 year 
Initial Fitness and Movement Quality Assessment  x  x  x 
Open Gym  x  x  x 
Group Classes  x  x  x 
Personal Coaching (1hr/session)   x (24 sessions)  x (48 sessions) 
Monthly Fitness and Movement Quality Assessments    x  x 
Precision Nutrition    x  x 
Data Tracking and Interpretation    x  x 
RP Nutrition     x  x 
Upon completion of their 3-month commitment, The A-Team Members have the option to continue membership at ALTITUDE ATHLETIC at a reduced rate. They would pay $199 for Basecamp, $949 for Ascent and $899 for Summit
*To be noted for Tier 2 Ascent and Summit: 

  • Members must apply and interview for Tier 2  
  • Tier 2 members undergo a matching process to determine the coach that will be the best fit for their interests, schedule and personality
  • Tier 2 members can use their included training sessions however they want throughout the year (3 times per week, 4 times, etc.) However, if they want more they can purchase a package, see Personal Coaching below. If they don’t use up their sessions during the year they get credited to next year 

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