I want to improve my performance in an endurance sport.

Whether you’re an elite racer going after a personal best or you’re new to endurance, we can get you closer to your goal. Get an edge with the performance-enhancing benefits of altitude and go into your next event stronger and faster.

Jungfrau Marathon


  • Boosting my stamina without spending hours training
  • Struggling to shave critical seconds/minutes off of my race time
  • It’s hard to find the right balance of training and recovery
  • Easing the impact of long sessions on my body without then losing fitness benefit
  • Traveling to altitude camps can be costly and time-consuming


  • Go Longer: Increase the body’s capacity to delivery oxygen to  working muscles and tissues
  • Go Harder: Improve anaeorbic threshold so you can work at higher speeds without excess fatigue
  • Recover Faster: Better lactate clearance to delay the onset of fatigue
  • Train Smarter: Reduce training load while boosting fitness
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Train in the chamber: Indoor bikes with a real gear shift, treadmills that measure your cadence, power and ground time, bike trainers AND the capacity for simulation and data analysis through third-party apps like Zwift and Strava

Work with a professional: Get access to a well-structured program that addresses your specific needs.

Track your metrics: Assess your fitness and identify weaknesses with a performance assessment


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